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The United States stomped Italy by the widest margin of victory in any of the five women’s Olympic finals. The Americans thrived on their typically balanced attack, five different players scoring their first five goals. Three Rachel Fattal, Fischer and Kiley Neushul scored multiple goals.

Olympic game is the most popular and oldest event in the history of all sports on the planet. It is organizes after every four years in different countries through public bidding. This time, London is going to host the 2012 edition of Olympic Games with all glitz and glamour.

Which takes me back to that first question, one that was posed recently by Northwestern professor Robert Gordon, who has an interesting new economics paper, entitled “Is US Economic Growth Over?” which looks at how we may be at a change point in terms of tech driven productivity and job growth in this country. We all think gadgets are great, and the iPhone 5 has certainly done just about the best retail sales of any product you can think of recently. But does all that add up to real, sustained economic growth for America as a whole? Gordon says not so much.

Edit: also, you still failed to engage with my very original comment about women not being “promotion tracked”. Except for saying “this is empirically false” when I say “they used to a society that doesn seem keen to help them do so as much as their male peers”. Please provide counter evidence.

Fast forward a couple weeks and I was doing 5 day treatments in MSK biweekly on chemotherapy and quite honestly suffering more than before. Six treatments and I was out by February. The tumour is still in me, but its size is a fraction of what it once was and it seems inactive? I don really understand what happened to it, but I named it Jeb because it makes me sad..

When it comes to regretting lost opportunities, well, that’s always going to happen. Because generally, you have at least two choices do something, or don’t do it. For instance, when we left school (and pretty much killed ourselves on Schoolies week, yay!) pretty much everyone in my group of friends went on Gap in Europe or elsewhere, did Top Deck, had a great time.

Hand oiled, smoke stained oak floors with a smooth, satiny finish are mixed into the flooring design as well, in both the color and treatment rooms. Dual wash areas are accented with silver stroked ceilings and a glowing light cove for balanced illumination. Changing and rest areas feel posh and intimate..

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