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A record haul of 72 pole positions, including 11 this year alone, tells its own story. Irrespective of circuit or conditions, Hamilton routinely reminds us why, when fuel is at its lowest and his Mercedes is at its most nimble, he is the fastest man on four wheels. Time and again, in that crucial final phase of qualifying on a Saturday afternoon, he delivers a masterclass of precision to leave his pursuers flailing.

As Christians, first of all we are instructed to SHARE the Gospel of Jesus Christ with other people. Second to that people share their beliefs with others all the time. It is when they become “pushy” that a problem enters the picture. Hewitt, Gael Monfils and Jo Wilfried Tsonga have benefited from Rasheed schooling in the past and Dimitrov is grateful for their link up, benefiting from the hard taskmaster guile. He is not afraid of hard work, even inviting Rasheed to step up the physical side. Enjoy working with him.

After adding to a plate, spread the barbecue sauce over the chicken, add the bacon and cheese mix. Place in an oven broiler or microwave long enough to melt the cheese. Sprinkle the top with pico de gallo or just chop up some Roma tomatoes and green onions for the top.

L: I just sort of have them during quiet moments or surprising ones. So, like, yesterday I was having breakfast and I had the fried blood from a slice of bacon and it was intensely salty so bam! I wasn expecting it. And I went to a FetFair yesterday and had three from all the eye candy on display..

Edmund wins the first two points, the second with a beefy crosscourt that he runs around, opening his body. A service retur winner. Seppi serves well on the next two points to put out the fire at 30 30. For example, two years ago, we noticed that my youngest son had an extra adult tooth in his upper jaw. At the time, he was not yet 5 years old. But we already knew that Sam would need surgery to remove the additional front tooth.

Why do you write evidence informed and not evidence based? Evidence based is a term and a method that comes from medicine and pharmacy. This approach has a number of characteristics which allows people (practitioners, hospital boards,) to make what is known as evidence based decisions with an incredible degree of certainty. For example, whether a drug works or not doesn’t depend upon who administers the pill, whether a patient is happy or sad, and/or whether or not (s)he is wide awake or dead tired when it is taken, and so forth.

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