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“Arthur and I had many conversations over the years about how to we make tennis better for the players, the fans and the sport,” King said in an email Monday. “We both thought tennis needed to be more hospitable, and for Arthur a big part of that was improving access and opportunity to our sport for everyone. Arthur, and Althea Gibson before him, opened doors for people of color in our sport.

Blake shot 35.9% from the field last season, the lowest shooting percentage for the eight year veteran since the 2004 05 season. Even though Blake often worked on his shot after practices and before games, he averaged a career low four points in 20 minutes per game. Blake overall shooting consistency reflected a significant problem for the Lakers: the lack of a reliable outside shooter.

Everyone thought it was a myth made up by a conquistador to give some dramatic flair to run of the mill colonialism. But archaeologists uncovered the all too real Skull Tower beneath Mexico City’s Metropolitan Cathedral, proving once again that history has a sicker sense of humor than we’d prefer. The tower has at least 650 skulls, some from women and children (whom historians previously assumed the Aztecs didn’t sacrifice)..

I usually cook an entire package of tofu all at once. Cube the tofu, put about a tablespoon of olive oil in a pan, cook the tofu, and when it’s golden brown on a couple sides of the cubes, add about a teaspoon of soy sauce. This usually lasts me three or four meals..

In the case of urination/creating water, there are likely a range of beneficial associations: clean water, good health, fertility, abundance, purity, etc. Also, there is a playful aspect to them that was likely appreciated by Renaissance viewers (art is more fun/funny that most art historians have led us to believe). Thus we can find these sculptures (and images in other media) with surprising (to our eyes) regularity..

“Herbert Chapman, maybe our greatest manager, came from here,” Wenger said. “For me to come here on the last day had a special meaning when you know the history of our club. In fact, there was a photo just in front of the dressing room where Chapman smiled at me because he was on the photo.”.

Pass every piece of message via this filter: will my target audience be concerned? It is great if you want to keep a presentation of your new software release. However, what tangible benefit attending this event offers your customers? In all your communication, stress your value proposition. Furthermore, incline your message toward your targeted audience..

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