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PETER OVERBY, BYLINE: Let’s start with $5,000, the online contribution that President Obama made to his own campaign. They made it into a fundraising video. Here he’s disclosing his employer. Apart from that, the type of job we work has a deep effect on our lives. If one works the nightshift at the local supermarket, one must sleep at non standard times. If one works at a desk all day, one may feel contained and voraciously devour social participation.

(Like, who knew cupping therapy isn’t just for Olympic athletes?) Take sports massage what the heck is it anyway? And how is it different from a deep tissue massage you see on spa menus?”Sports massage actually draws from several techniques that may already be familiar to you, including Swedish massage, which improves blood circulation and oxygenation, and deep tissue massage, which targets and breaks up muscle knots and areas of tightness,” explains Annette Marshall, licensed massage therapist with Zeel, an on demand massage service that can have a massage therapist at your doorstep in as little as an hour.Before your massage begins, your therapist will ask you a bit about about the types of activities you do, and then will focus specifically on the areas of the body most affected by that exercise. So if you’re a runner, you can expect some hamstring love, and if you’re big into CrossFit, your therapist may focus more on your back and shoulders. The various techniques can range from stretching and manipulating muscles to getting deeper into muscles with intense pressure.”Because of the targeted nature of this technique, you will likely not receive a full body massage, so for for body wide aches and muscle knots you may prefer a deep tissue massage,” advises Marshall.

“After such a big high there is the down part, which I think is normal. I felt it before, and it’s difficult to handle obviously, but I am trying; trying to train as much as before and have no expectations. When you start a new tournament, everyone starts from zero, and you forget about who won the match before because you’ve got to play again against new opposition.

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5. Failure inspires others. Leaders must take risks. After we were all done we each went one at a time to explain our vision boards and also took time to reflect on 2017 and thanked one another for each other’s friendship. It was such a fun time. I believe that the way you spend New Years and the people you spend it with is kind of life the prelude of how your year is going to start off.

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