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I think that this painting shows the viewer a special look of how women are the peacemakers in times of quarrels. It definitely shows the courage and innocence of women because they want neither side to take part in war, and the viewer is drawn to the faces of Hersilia, the other Sabine women, and the children. As part of a great nation himself, David was probably drawn to the story of peace in ancient times and wanted that same peace to come to France amidst the Revolution..

Stocks rose on Friday, pushing the Nasdaq to a 15 year high and helping the S 500 snap a three week string of losses, following a pullback in the dollar, upbeat results from Nike and further biotech gains. Multinationals. S 500 earnings projections for the first quarter and for 2015 have fallen sharply since Jan.

Madras HC rejects assessee’s claim of refund of entire tax paid in view of block assessment annulled by Tribunal, holds that by virtue of nullifying of assessment, there is deemed acceptance of the return of income furnished by the assessee; Pursuant to Sec. 158BD notice issued (in view of search seizure operation), assessee had filed return admitting certain undisclosed income butwithout payment of tax, thereafter tax was paid only pursuant to the demand and recovery action by the Department; Rejects assessee’s stand that since return filed without payment of tax was an invalid return, all the payment of tax based on such invalid return is liable to be refunded, as the very assessment made u/s. 158BD was subsequently annulled by Tribunal; Firstly, HC holds that the defective return filed earlier became valid later by assessee’s own conduct of payment of tax on notice from AO, next HC acknowledges that once the assessment is annulled, the assessee is entitled to refund but subject to the provision contained in Sec.

Credit cards, interest rates, loans, it can all sound pretty confusing. But it’s really just about one thing, money. Money is a pretty important part of our lives. And evidently, escaping from that golden cage necessitates the wearing of a nude bodysock.I’m opening it up to you, readers. Any more creative interpretations of what the bejeezus is going on, narrative wise, in Shakira’s She Wolf video?Posted: 2009/08/06 at 1:00 PMum, i’m thinking that this is a video about sex, no? the gyrating, the body sock, the crotch shots, the half bodysuit riding up her butt, her coming out of some weird, vaginal canal, contortions, splits, crotch, splits, crotch. Sex, no? seems pretty straight foward.

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