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(MoneyWatch) Innovation is often a good thing. Among other things, it can make us more productive, create new jobs and industries, and raise the standard of living. Yet innovation also has a dark economic side, which Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter famously called “creative destruction,” that reduces the profits of existing firms and erodes the human capital of older workers..

The problem is that things may get worse once Britain formally triggers the process of leaving the EU next year. The preliminary GDP reading which is subject to revisions gives no details of how business investment fared. This will be crucial in determining how fast the economy grows in the future and the potential for companies to take on new workers.

Hey, I noticed you have your Tuner pedal connected to your volume pedals tuner out. I used to run my tuner out the same way but someone told me the Ernie Ball volume tuner outs are a tone suck. I unplugged my tuner from the pedal and lo and behold, I had some great tone being re introduced back into my chain..

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In 2008, historian Tony Judt was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. ALS is a progressive motor neuron disease that causes the central nervous system to degenerate. Over time, patients lose the ability to move their bodies, but retain full control over their minds.

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